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Lawn topdressing: Why, When and How To Do It


lawn topdressing

Topdressing a garden is the approach of introducing a mixture of elements to a garden to improve the seem, stage and increase nutrients to a garden. This gardening process is commonly applied across gardening solutions for shoppers.


The resources utilized to topdress incorporate sand, soil, loam, and peat which are mixed collectively to replicate what was previously in the present soil in conditions of composition. Introducing these materials would blend in the present soil.


Why should I top costume a lawn?

There are several rewards for topdressing a lawn, below we have specified why you should incorporate it to a very low upkeep routine:

  • Topdressing your lawn frequently prevents the buildup of thatch – it can help to dilute the layer of thatch and the natural way breaks it down.
  • Topdressing helps maintain the lawns floor level and is accomplished by filling smaller holes and bumps in a garden with the topdressing mix.
  • To improve a lawn’s drainage, sand is a product in the topdressing blend that firms the surface area and is pretty powerful when utilized for the duration of the aerating method – which will allow the sand to operate its way down deep into the soil levels.
  • The overall lawns resilience is enhanced.
  • Encourage the grass expansion in your garden by improving the general lawn composition and grassroots.
  • Most quality topdressing mixes consist of vitamins to give the grass crops want they need to have to prosper.

Which major dressing for my garden?

  • For loam-based mostly lawn – In in between the other forms of soil you can use a blend that has three sections loam, 1 component peat, and three elements sand.
  • For sand-dependent garden – Sand-primarily based lawns normally have superior drainage so are a lot more probable to endure from drought all through the spring and summer months so it’s finest to use a more loam and peat-centered topdressing.
  • For clay-based mostly lawns – Clay lawns are notorious for struggling from drainage troubles and in the course of the wetter seasons, it’s greatest to function in loam and sand-centered topdressing.
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When is the most effective time to topdress your garden?

The suitable time to take into consideration topdressing your garden would be through the increasing period of time which is usually involving March and Oct. it is most effective follow to do topdressing in early spring or late autumn to line up with basic garden maintenance methods.

We would concur that the greatest time to carry out topdressing is when you would be carrying out other lawn servicing responsibilities like aerating, scarifying, and overseeding.

How frequently?

This all depends on every lawn and the present-day high-quality of the soil – we recommend that when a year is minimal and are unable to do any harm.


How to utilize lawn best dressing?

Mow the garden on the working day ideally on a dry day.

Place your top rated dressing into a quantity of tiny piles and position them evenly around the garden. This signifies you will have a pile of soil each couple meters across the garden place.

Unfold each pile around the region allocated to it. You can do this by scooping it up with your spade and flinging it into the allocated spot or working with the back again of a rake to drive and pull it into place.

Lastly, you want to brush or get the job done the major dressing into the grass and dips. You can only get so far with the back again of a rake so now you need to have both a rigid brush or leveling lute to transfer and agitate the dressing into the turf. It’s sluggish do the job but a small treatment and time will reward you with a substantially smoother floor. If you really don’t perform it into the hollows adequately you can make the garden bumpy.

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If this is done as aspect of a high-quality garden care plan then a ‘top dresser’ or major-duty fall spreader is the only way to go moreover a lute is crucial for evenly doing work in the prime dressing.

Overseeding if needed, is very best accomplished now.


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