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Local tree surgeons in Dublin with years of experience

Tree Surgeons in Dublin

Do you need to hire a tree surgeon in Dublin? You’ve arrived to the correct location. Garden Pro is a family-run tree surgery business that provides a wide range of tree surgery services to consumers around the region.

Our Dublin tree surgeons have unrivalled experience in tree care and maintenance, having worked in the arboricultural field for more than ten years.

We have several teams of arborists, which include climbers and groundsmen. Each team member is properly qualified and holds the required NPTC qualifications, ensuring that all work is completed to the highest possible standards with the least amount of interruption.

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Tree Surgeons in Dublin Who Are Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors

Tree experts who are certified, professional, and dependable

Garden Pro is a proud member of the arboricultural association and has undergone a wide range of training and exams for our management staff, including NPTC courses, specialist first aid training, Lantra training, and IOSH managing safety courses.

To gain arboricultural associations certified contractor status, we were thoroughly audited and put through rigorous testing. This enables us to give our clients with a service that is not only high-quality and efficient, but also safe and professional.

All teams have received the highest level of training and are fully qualified to perform all forms of tree surgery. We always leave your site as clean as possible and take great care to cause as little disruption as possible to your property, its surroundings, and the environment.

Tree Surgeon Dublin

Tree Surgery Services & quotes

Residential and commercial arboricultural services

Garden Pro offers every imaginable form of tree service; whatever tree surgery services you desire, we can provide.

Tree pruning, tree felling, tree stump removal, emergency tree work, ivy removal, tree planting, hedge trimming, and commercial tree services are all part of our tree services.

Our highly skilled employees understand arboriculture and know what it takes to produce top-quality results.

Each work is evaluated individually, and tree surgery quotes are provided depending on your needs and budget.

Our organisation is trustworthy and dependable, offering you complete piece of mind that your trees are in capable hands.

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Why Should You Hire Us for Tree Surgery?

Entrust us with the care of your woody plants, and we guarantee you won’t be sorry. Our on-site tree surgeons can assist you with anything from pruning to tree felling:

From Felling to Pruning & Stump Removal, We Can Help!

Take advantage of our competitive rates and some of the best gardeners, We cover all County Dublin and parts of Kildare, Wicklow, Meath and Louth.

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Section Tree Removal

Garden Pro offers this service when a tree needs to be removed but is in an awkward location with multiple targets (structures that can be damaged). This requires the tree to be felled in sections utilising complicated rigging techniques and, on sometimes, a crane.

The technique begins by a climber installing a rigging line in the top of the tree overhanging an acceptable lowering point. The tree surgeon will next work his way up the tree crown, attaching the lowering rope to the first branch from the crown break. The surgeon will then make a careful cut in the direction that the tree surgeon desires the branch to move. Finally, it is up to the groundsmen to lower the branch to the ground in a safe and regulated manner. This is then collected and processed from the garden before being fed into the wood chipper. This technique is repeated until the tree surgeon reaches the top of the tree and is left with only a straight upright stem.

The remaining tree will be cut into manageable sections and tossed to the ground, or it will be lowered off its own back using blocks and pulleys.

Let Us Take Care of Your Trees in Dublin With Tree Surgeons and Services

Garden Pro provides great professional tree surgery services at a price that is affordable to every Dubliner. The tree surgeons we’ll send you are well-trained and have a good background in the area. They will also carry all of the necessary specialised equipment. We are certified and can work with trees up to 65 feet (20 metres) tall, but an ordinary gardener can only work with trees 9 to 12 feet tall (around 3 and a half metres).

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of booking with us:

  • Make a quote request or book a service with a single phone line that is staffed 24 hours a day;
  • You may rest assured that any work you book will be completed by two qualified Dublin arborists who provide fully insured services.
  • Professional tree surgery qualifications are available, including an alpine certificate, which is essential for high-altitude climbing.
  • The tree surgeons will use specialised tools and equipment, such as a stump grinding machine and a garden waste shredder (which chips the tree leftovers and decreases the overall quantity of waste generated).
  • Before you agree to any work, get a no-obligation quote.
  • You may be confident that you will receive great labour; our reputation is as important to us as your garden is to you!
  • Arrange your services for days and times that are convenient for you, including after hours and on weekends.
  • Garden Pro estimates waste on-site once the service is completed. Any garbage removal is done at the client’s request.
  • We can provide you with a quote based on photos of the jobsite.
  • Customized service based on the client’s preferences.

Care for Your Trees and Your Whole Garden

We’re well renowned for the high quality of our tree pruning, but our services don’t end there. The top tree surgeons in Dublin can readily help you with the following:

  • Tree removal entails the cutting and removal of various types of trees. Please remove in mind that some native species are legally protected and must be removed with the permission of the local municipality.
  • Tree pruning, also known as crown reduction and shaping, is the process of reducing the height of a tree. It is used to alleviate stress in specific areas of the plant or the entire plant.
  • Crown thinning – The removal of tiny branches and foliage, usually at the tree’s outer crown. Species with more leaves and broader crowns must be pruned more frequently to give for more light in the garden.
  • Crown lifting is the removal of the tree’s lowest branches. When customers wish to boost light transmission to areas around the tree, we do it. However, we are always cautious with the branches we remove because not every portion of the tree should be cut.
  • Tree felling refers to the cutting and removal of dead trees.
  • Stump grinding — By booking this service, you will be able to get rid of any remaining tree stumps on your property.
  • We provide an emergency tree surgery service for unsafe or fallen trees, as well as fallen trees following storms.

After a Booking, How Does the Regular Tree Surgery Process Work?

  1. Two professionals will attend at the agreed-upon time to conduct an onsite examination of the workplace. We can provide you with a price estimate over the phone if you provide us high-quality photos of your tree.
  2. Following the examination, they will discuss with you the price confirmation from the quote you’ve already received. Adjustments may be made if necessary based on the survey results;
  3. We proceed with the task’s execution.

Take note of:

  • The cost of the service is determined by three factors: tree height, crown size, and desired results.
  • Some native trees are protected, and cutting them down may need permission from the local municipality.
  • We don’t work on Sundays since the working procedure is noisy. Exceptions can be given if the neighbours consent or if no one lives nearby.
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