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Tree stump removal dublin

The Most Recent Stump Grinding Equipment

We have made ongoing investments in cutting-edge all terrain stump grinding machinery from Germany and the United States, allowing us to provide a high level of work and customer service.

Excellent service and a “Can Do” attitude

All of our personnel have a history in arboriculture, from climbing the tree-lined streets of Dublin to operating cutting-edge stump grinders.

When it comes to client service, we have embraced a can-do inspired mentality, and we endeavour to lead the way in stump removal.

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Garden Pro strives to provide our customers with the best service possible. We will not consider the project completed unless every single one of our clients is completely satisfied.

We also try to manage expectations, which is why our charges are straightforward and there are no hidden fees.

Process of Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is a technique in which the stump is removed using hand tools or motorised technology such as a stump grinder to grind off the tree stump.

Garden Pro is an expert at removing tree stumps and does it on a daily basis. When it comes to stump removal, our significant knowledge in stump grinding makes us an obvious choice.

Tree stump removal service
Tree stump removal service Dublin

Our tree surgeons are immediately available whenever you require stump removal service; we can be at your home in a matter of minutes! We have all of the necessary tools and equipment to perform stump removal treatments.

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to grind and remove tree stumps with minimal ground disturbance. We take on any size stump, from a few inches to the largest stump imaginable. We have smaller machines to deal with situations where access is an issue. We grind the tree stumps and buttress roots to around 300 mm below ground level, allowing for replanting or ground preparation for almost any purpose.

We will fill the resulting hole with stump grind chippings after the stump is removed. We can also remove the stump grind chippings and replace them with a different composition of your choosing.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction and the safe removal of your tree stumps while causing the least amount of disruption to your surroundings.

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Our tree stump removal service provides same-day quotes throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas. Using the most up-to-date all-terrain stump grinding machines, we can remove any size tree stump and gain access to any garden.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most efficient approach to remove any size tree stump is to employ a stump grinder operated by a skilled and insured expert. With a skilled stump grinder, most tree stumps may be removed in within an hour.

Many people attempt DIY tree stump removal on YouTube, for example, by burning, using winches, trucks to pull out a stump, and using chemicals; unfortunately, it is never that easy and there are no shortcuts to removing a tree stump; one in every three of our jobs that we attend are the result of a homeowner attempting to remove a tree stump themselves with no success.

Tree stump removal costs can range from €100.00 to €200.00. There are numerous elements to consider when quoting for a stump to be removed, such as the size of the stump, access to the stump, barriers around the stump, and utilities, which may necessitate extra measures.

We have several different sizes of stump grinders for all sizes of tree stumps, and there isn’t a tree stump that we won’t be able to remove unless the surrounding characteristics prevent the stump grinder from running.

Although Epsom Salt will kill any regrowth, the tree stump will remain; the only way to truly remove a tree stump is to use a stump grinder.

An typical tree stump should take no more than an hour to remove, including ground prep, pre-machine checks, “tooth sharpening,” and erecting safety guards to catch flying debris.

The burning of tree stumps is not an effective method of totally removing a tree stump; the amount of fuel and time required, not to mention the impact on the surrounding region, would be insufficient.

Some over-the-counter pesticides may act to prevent regrowth, but only in the case of certain tree species, which are usually garden shrubs. In most circumstances, using root kill or branded chemicals such as stump remover will have no effect.

The species of a tree will determine how quickly a tree stump will decompose after the tree has been destroyed; the oldest known tree stump is in eastern California’s White Mountains and is estimated to be 4,8050 years old.

The depth of a tree stump varies depending on the tree species, but typically are 400 – 600mm from the surface level; our stump grinders are capable of removing any size tree stump at any depth.

Not only can tree stumps seem unsightly in a garden or outdoor space, but they also serve as a home for parasites that can harm other trees and shrubs.

When it comes to grinding out a tree stump, the bigger the better; the more power, the easier it is on the operator and the less strain on the machine. Stump grinders exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from pedestrian stump grinders that require an operator to physically move the stump grinder over the stump to bigger stump grinders that are frequently self-driven and managed by an operator using manual controls.

When removing a tree stump, a chainsaw is of little help. You may see chainsaws being used to cut through lateral roots, but the saw turns blunt very soon because it is not meant to cut through tiny particles of stone and soil.

In most situations, removing a tree stump takes an hour, which includes preparing the area surrounding the tree stump, checking for utilities, installing safety guards to contain flying debris, and cleaning up.

After a tree stump has been removed, only the grindings will remain. These are made up of fine wood chip and soil, and they are then backfilled and levelled into the hole where the stump formerly stood. In certain situations, the hole that remains is left unfilled to permit the replanting of a new tree.

It would not be suggested since the grindings could be the product of an acidic tree, which would not provide a good start for young grass roots; instead, we would propose using topsoil to ensure that any new grass would adapt to the soil conditions.

Professional stump grinders range in price from roughly €8,000.00 to €70,000.00; lesser stump grinders from China are available, but they will not be able to remove a stump larger than a cereal bowl.

Prior to stump grinding, the operator would lower the stump with a chainsaw, which speeds up the stump griding process and results in less impact on the stump grinder as well as less chippings as a result of grinding out the stump.

If you need to remove a tree stump while causing the least amount of ground disturbance to the surrounding area, stump removal with a stump grinder and qualified operator is the most efficient method.

Some tree species may regrowth as long as the root plate is linked to the stump and receiving moisture and nutrients from the soil.

In the case of a large tree stump, the root plate will be substantial; we have attended many building sites throughout Dublin where builders have used diggers to try and dig out the stump, resulting in days of lost work hours in some cases and damage to the surrounding area due to the root plate being lifted. The use of a stump grinder and a professional operator is the safest and most efficient approach to remove a massive tree stump.


The most cost-effective method of tree stump removal is stump grinding. It has a benefit over the traditional methods of using diggers, winches, or excavating by hand, which are all labour intensive and cause some ground disturbance. Stump grinding eliminates any additional work while causing the least amount of ground disturbance in the region around the stump.

Tree stumps are typically considered unsightly, as they attract fungi and parasites to your garden. We can remove any size tree stump using one of our several stump grinding machines operated by our qualified tree surgeons.

Stump grinding is a highly successful method for completely removing a stump, allowing you to replant where the tree once stood or make room for foundations for concrete slabs or outdoor buildings.

Dublin Tree Stump Removal Services

We do Tree Stump Removal in Dublin and Kent utilising a wide selection of machines that can fit through the smallest of openings, from the front door to the garden gate. We can remove any size stump, from little to enormous.

Following stump removal, the remaining hole will be backfilled with soil and grinding debris, and the area around the stump will be left clean and neat.

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