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Wisteria Pruning: How to prune in Winter


Wisteria pruning seems to fear most gardeners, creating them experience they may demolish or ruin their wisteria if accomplished incorrectly nonetheless it’s not as complex as you may well panic.


If pruned accurately you will be rewarded with a wonderful display of bouquets later on in spring.

Wisteria pruning should be completed two times a yr, 1st in July/August and then in Jan/Feb.

In the summer season the pruning would involve shortening the long, whippy tendrils that this quick-growing climber generates, reducing them back again to all over 6 leaves.

Wisteria has a practice of receiving out of management and expanding into gutter pipes, home windows, and wherever it can make its way. This pruning permits the plant to concentration on flowering rather than developing leaf development.

How do you prune wisteria in winter season?

Winter season pruning of wisteria is carried out in January or February and concentrates on the plant’s effort and hard work to develop flower-bearing spurs. At this time of the yr, the plant is dormant and leafless and producing it super quick to see what you are executing, and you will now comprehend pruning is a great deal far more straightforward than it seems.

If you don’t nonetheless have wisteria and would like to get 1 then a excellent option for starters is Wisteria Sinensis ‘Prolific’.

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